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Not gonna promise but I'm planning to draw comic-thingy Pure-Light related (spyro Fancomic with pretty large community).

Canon or not-canon, whatever.

If you want me to put your character there then you must know:
1. The action takes place a few days before and during ,,BREAK IN'' soo be sure that your character didn't died earlier :'D

2. Not gonna lie, some charas are gonna (dramatically) die, but you can decide if you want them to stay alive/be dead.

3. Your chara doesn't need to be canon but I'll change her desing into ,,canon'' If I'll need to. 
For example, if you give me white dragon, In this comic he will be grey. 

Something else? Dunno. 
As I said I don't promise anything, but I will get time and motivation, then I'll realize it.…

Unofficial teams.

TEAM ,,Cameleons''

  1. THE EMPEROR (Colored Version) by Quartzlord 
  2. Night Shade by StardustMoonlight1 
  3. kolory Neur by AtomKap 
  4. Mirage ref by Maciek1702  
  5. Silent Dawn reference sheet by Vailins 
  6. Eclipse Draconic Ref Sheet 2016 by Eclipse00
Dizajny by LastKrystalDragon
Wow, so many grey charas. They are probably still too dark.

TEAM ,,Aliens''
(Totally non-canon XD)

  1. Amethisto ref sheet 2015-2016 by helasz 
  2. Dreamcreator by LastKrystalDragon 
  3. Ask #4 by Anofus(GIB HER FUKIN REF >C) 

TEAM ,,Garden''
  1. PL Chara: Clovis by NerdiNebe 
  3. Yukito Frigidheart by Karasura-ka 
  4. PL - Meefala reference by RusCSI 
  5. PL - Orhasso reference by RusCSI 
  6. Mist Apprentice Nebel CloudBreeze UPDATED 2 by ShadowOfDarkAndLite 
  7. ???
  1. Aeternum by AN0RIAN 
  2. PL - Chloe Lux by Avarus-Lux 
  3. PL - Mercura Copperheart by Constelia 
  4. Pure Light: Lisa Spikeback by skylanders1997 
  5. Phoenix by QueenTenten 
  6. Akino Silverblade by Karasura-ka 
  7. Flamewing Ref Sheet by WarriorsFan97
  8. The Halfer by ThePackLeader
  9. Robert Quincy by wolfair12
  10. Raspberry by Nikary
  11. Kosatka Seafin by Nikary

TEAM ,,Darkeeeeer''

  1. Altan (Alpha Darker) by Karasura-ka  
  2. PL - Fangar by Karasura-ka  
  3. Zombie Digital UPDATED by ShadowOfDarkAndLite
  4. Roaring Storm UPDATE 2 by ShadowOfDarkAndLite
  5. Carnwing by skylanders1997
  6. -PL - Shard by Eruannion
  7. Flamecrawler by skylanders1997
  8. Coldblood by Nikary


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My Masters



FCK by AurumaBlazeKrystal stamp by Technada049staaampy by LastKrystalDragon
LOKD Stamp by DeviszaNotme Stamp by Nawome

DarkJak Stamp by ZombiDJDark Twins Stamp by ZombiDJRiddick fan Stamp by BullTerrierKa
...I Am Legend... by azianwolfdollSworn To Vanquish Evil by azianwolfdollTai Lung Stamp by ByoWT1125
Lord Shen's Feet Stamp by Marzzel
Homestuck Stamp by SinderishVriska Stamp by Invader-ZeenStamp: Vriska by Shendijiro
League of Legends: Quinn Stamp by immature-giraffe
Draven - the Glorious Executioner Stamp by DweynieDraven Stamp Skin by DweynieLeague of Legends: Draven Stamp by immature-giraffe
Cause Draveeeeeen~

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Dead Tags
Choose your type of death! :^) 

I don't draw:
- extreme gore
- sexual themed
- fetishes 


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Czyś widziała orła cień..? :3
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Krysiok, Krysiok, podziel się
Jak dziś minął dzień tobie. :3
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